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Mar 31, 2014


Comprehensive effort LOST , as i clicked on the " photo " button , when the internet link had dropped out !

THINK i am going to dredge up hours of work ?


Feb 18, 2014

You're bigger than me , so you do what you like ?

Heading home on the Tuesday Shopping trip , i am coming into the 50kph zone
, when i happen on a " 30kph Worker on Road Sign ". Knowing i have to slow from 40+kph and that there is a vehicle behind me , i signal the " Keep right behind sweep " as a courtesy gesture . Hr VIP , pulls alongside me and edges towards the kerb then speeds up to pass the " Geminde Vehicle " working on cleaning the RHS kerb area . Not totally inconvenienced , as the approaching vehicle had turned off before the parked work truck and mobile dumpster , i had never the less been caused to lose my right of way , by the selfish attitude of the van shown here !

This peasant has a shop in the Dorf of Munster , home of the Austrian Ski Star Anna Marie Brem , who like her Mother , uses a Bike for Cross Training ! Having gone the 1km to the shop , i arrived in his parking area as he was walking into the shop . Having taken several photoss of the van . I went in seeking the Manager , speaking to the Lady at the office desk and asking if she spoke English . I explained to her what had taken place and then Hr VIP/shop owner interrupted . He started by speaking Dialect to me , i asked for English since i thought he was intelligent enough to oblige , but he persevered with his vocals , none of which i understood , so i wrote down the Facebook pages he could read , so as to understand what i had to say . With this i moved over to speak to the Lady once more at which point he started to pull at my Plastic Wind Jacket , then pushed me in the general direction of the door . By this time it was clear that he understood all that i had said and even threatened to call the Polizei ,
which could have resulted in his having to explain his assault on me .  This was not the first time that he had passed me on the road , since his shop is on one of the routes West that i have to use on a regular basis . At a guess he is old enough to have obtained his Driver Permit , in the days that you could ask your " mates " to help you out ? These days there are Driving chools such as " Wallner " who teach their Pupils , to ease off behind a Cyclist , signal overtake , pass with more than a metre clearance , then signal return to lane when sufficiently clear of the Cyclist ! How many years have they being doing this ?

Problem is though , that as soon as the Pupil starts travelling alone , behaving correctly towards Cyclists , their perceptions of other Vehicles , such as Emergency Services Vehicles FAILING to Signal , OR , pass sufficiently wide , could cause them to fail to practice the procedures taught and required by Austrian Law ?

ONLY when the Austrian Emergency Services Vehicles ( Polizei ,Ambulance & Fire & Rescue Services ) , when NOT IN Emergency Mode , practice the manoevres they were TRAINED to perform , will the general Austrian Public resume those REQUIRED Habits ! Meanwhile the Austrian Public are busy congratulating their Winter Athletes for their bringing Home the Medals , i wonder how those Athletes will feel the next time they are Cross Training on the Austrian Roads and have grief caused by poor driving behaviour ?  Being in the Countryside , i am able to avoid many of the difficulties that those living in Cities ENDURE on EACH Bike Ride !

Another example of poor behaviour , took place last week . The truck depicted , no doubt exited the Autobahn , travelled along the link road to the Trading Estate road , that i was more than 150m along  . About 100m before a 90° right hand he was wide and alongside me whilst i was still doing 35+kph . In the truck deaccelerating to sweep around the corner , i was forced to brake and then he doglegged left and then to the right , so as to turn onto the property he was visiting . I went directly to the Office and was busy explaining the situation to the receptionist when the driver finally made his way to the office to make himself known .

Not much the people of the business were willing to do , since they did not see what had taken place on the road , nor were they willing to relay my complaint to the employer . Having left a placard with the " 1 1/2M safe pass " depicted , i took my leave , leaving the driver with his " Nothing you can do " attitude !

Seems that he could not give me the courtesy of the road for the corners , which i would have ridden through quicker than he could drive that semi HGV , but he lost considerable time whilst the people he was visiting heard me out . Not sure if there was anything gained , but i will be advising " Links " to this post , to various Authorities ! Will they act ? Doubt that anything i report here ,will keep them from falling asleep !

Jan 19, 2014


Universal need for Cyclists to be treated with more CARE !

Would YOU pass a car in the way you pass a Cyclist ? Barely scraping past and then closing their piece of road ?

Of course you wouldn't if it risked damaging YOUR bodywork ! YET , so many motorists , think NOTHING of hospitalising a Cyclist and then disappearing off the scene , leaving an injured CYCLIST , to DIE ! Too many recent headlines in so many English speaking countries feature " COWARD PASS " , the NEW SPORT that Motorists appear to be currently enamoured with ?

With my suggestions to

there was a repeat of their contact in

yeah well , their greeting was a beauty :  " Greetings, 'straya!"

Looking forward to seeing MORE Cycling Safety Org.s form a  " Coalition of the WILLING " !

In posting to the facebook page i found no " Photo " access , so here are the photos that i think would better serve their purpose than the " 1M " posted by " icame isawi "   in the 1st week received a few " LIKE " but the past week has been largely ignored !
has ALSO seen little action of late !

Each effort to SAVE CYCLISTS from Grief on the roads , deserve support ! Whether YOU live in New Zealand (  ), South Africa (  ROAD TRAFFIC (OVERTAKING BICYCLES) AMENDMENT BILL 2013  ) , USA  (  ) , Canada , Oz  (  ) or UK  (  ), YOU are on 2 wheels and subject to the " whims " of the passing traffic !

Friday i was BUSSED with mm.s to spare ! The 60 seater turned onto the exit lane , less than 100m in front of me , so i followed him . Before he could open his Bus Door , i was there waiting to ask HIM & his pasengers for an explanation . As he exited the empty bus , he told me " SMIDSY , i didn't see you ( no sorry) " , with the arrogance of a Nazi storm trooper ! Pushing me out of his way , to get to the supermarket, for whatever ? No witnesses so no hope of action !

Typical all over the world response , " I AM BIGGER THAN you "!

A hugh success came in 2013 , when @SafeCylingOz made the effort to create a Petition , that saw the Queensland Government create " Safe Pass Legislation " for 1M in areas under 60kph and 1 1/2M SAFE Pass in areas where speeds are over 60kph !

This past week has seen  enjoy HUGE Success in the MainStream Media !  Numerous Front Page articles in Broadsheet Newspapers , on Radio Drive Time programmes and other Media outlets !

Part of the reson has been their reminding the Politicians of the 1999 guidelines WHEN " Fixed Penalty Notices " first were issued !


In the USA , many States in 2013 , legislated 1M
"Safe Pass Laws "! In addition to Portland , Oregon
reporting a " Zero Cyclist Death Toll " , New York City has Created a Zero Death Vision Campaign " ,
NOW , San Francisco has joined , with their OWN!

Should it be necessary for Politicians , to lose Family Members ,
 before THEY decide to ACT ?

Numerous Media Articles , have been released recently , in Australasia & USA , with Families APPEALING for " motorists " to ACT MORE RESPONSIBLY when near CYCLISTS !

This CAmpaign came about due to a NEEDLESS
Personal Tragedy :

Which alerted me to this Article about " Hope Fennell "!

CAN ANYONE BELIEVE that Politicians care about Vulnerable Road Users , after reading this item ?

This Driver will be " licenced to KILL AGAIN " in Feb 2014 ! The Family of Hope , are SENTENCED to LIFE without HER !

Dec 30, 2013


Season  of Peace and Goodwill to ALL ? Are YOU kidding ?
The only good thing about the Festive season is that it is nearly over ! Unseasonably warm weather here in Austria , has seen me out on the bike most days , instead of on Touring Skis . Despite dental and stomach problems , i have been able to get 3+hrs daily , on the bike , on the dry roads in sunny weather , even dressed as if out on a Summer's Day at the Giro or TDF.

Whilst the normal expectation for the Tirol is good snow , this season it arrived in the East Tirol , particularly around Lienz , where i spent the weekend watching the Women's Ski races . The mothers of two local families were able to see their Daughters race in the World Tour . In previous posts , i have mentioned riding with Eva Marie Brem's mother , there are photos of them both elsewhere . Alexandra Daum's  family , whom i have also ridden with over the years , were also happily watching their Daughter come in at 17th in her race .

Elsewhere , the Internet has  reported any number of Outrageous behaviours towards Cyclists in a variety of countries . I have had my share of " Mutants " that decide that Cyclists have NO RIGHTS on the roads , even recently on an empty , quiet country road , where a " local " decided to express their displeasure with klaxon/horn as they passed " tapping " their " empty? head "! This incident escalated and left the local Polizei telling mr that drivers EXPECT Cyclists to use the " Cycle Paths ( cluttered with snow , ice & stones )"?

Here are a FEW of the links to World Wide Cycling Stories that i have seen in recent days :

Many MORE stories are out there , but as a lone voice , i have few options to try to assist in creating the breakthrough needed to help bridge the divide between Cyclists ( Vulnerable Road Users ) and Motorists (Careless, Aggressive or MINDLESS ) .

World Wide , there are numerous " Cycling safety Org.s " in many Countries , each have their NEEDS  , Ideas & Initiatives that could be used by OTHERS , to meet the same target : SAFE USE of the ROADS BY CYCLISTS ! 

 Politicians in most English speaking Countries are BUSY promoting Cycling for many reasons . They see the opportunity to reduce " Infrastructure Costs " , reduce Health services and WIN votes . SElf serving Media Op.s have been created by Boris Johnson , Mayor of London with his Blue Paint Super Highways ? David Cameron , Prime Minister of U.K., hopping on his down market mountain bike with a Helmet hanging off his handlebars ? Tony Abbott on the Sunday of his Election to Prime Minister of Oz , riding his Up market street bike , properly kitted out , with his mates . Years ago we were seeing George Bush , out on his MTB with a guy he possibly no longer wishes to talk with , i know the former Premier of Sth Oz , no longer wishes to be reminded of that person .

Knowing that Politicians and EVEN Police Forces are ONLY Interested in their OWN backyard , i thought that Creating an opportunity for ALL the International Safety Groups to come together would be appropriate. Seems that this idea has fallen short of my expectations :

Are there any of my readers that are NOT Interested in Sport ? How many Athletes , grew up without aspiring to succeed to High Level Competition , perhaps even the Olympics ?  Most High level Athletes use Cycling as Cross Training , even " Jo public ",  uses Spinning at the Gym as a form of exercise . Fact is some form of Cycling Exercise is used by most that aspire to Fitness or Competition .

This petition , could have been aimed at the UCI as the manager of the " Umbrella Org. " , but since Skiers , Rowers and other Athletes using Leg Muscles , take to the ROADS for Cross Training , i thought to make the agenda more inclusive . Thinking Social media would assist i have posted links in " Twitter , Facebook & LinkedIn " , virtually to no avail !

Currently i have been advised by " @change " , that i could be addressing the Petition to the wrong person ? WHO runs IOC ?  Thomas Bach having recerntly taken over from Jacques Rogge , no doubt delegates responsibilities to OTHERS , but WHEN did you contact the low man on the totem pole to get the BOSS to take action ? So far @change has not seen fit to reply to my request that they assist in promoting to the "Social Media World "! " LinkedIN " tell me that i have numerous contacts :

Your LinkedIn Network
955 Connections link you to 9,852,113+ professionals
14,320 New people in your Network since December 23

Oh yeah ? ALL ASLEEP during the Festive Season ?

Facebook show 4000+ friends ! I know of a couple that are awake !

Twitter show 217 followers at present , my blogs used to be posted automatically after " publishing " , not any more it seems ?

IN summing up SOCIAL MEDIA appears to be a DEAD LOSS !

Once again i wsould like to remind People that December 2013 has been UNKIND to Cyclists , certainly in those English Speaking areas that i see reported .

I use my bike to " Advocate Para Sport " at the Grand Tours , i have NO WISH to join their Community !

Each Cyclist is alone on their bike , yet the following is what they can expect as an Individual .

Any doubts about the DANGERS on a bike , visit this Hospital workers feed :

Those that are adverse to wearing Helmets , may have been  reminded of the NEED , with the recent terrible news of Michael Schumacker ? Every Ski story about him shows him wearing a Helmet ! 

Addendum :

Earlier there was a link to THOSE Mutants that chose to attack Melbourne Cyclists , weighing in on this Story is the FAMOUS FOOT IN MOUTH , Melbourne Radio/Media "star"( legend in his own mind ) Darren Hinch :

Must have read my Facebook comment to the article on Saturday :

 "  With the rego plate visible in the photo , it is likely that the Police will take MORE Severe action AGAINST any Cyclist retaliating against these Mutants , thaese Mutants , were NOT aware of the damage they were creating should seek counselling ? That they were not locked up IMMEDIATELY demonstrates thast the Police are condoning the CONTINUAL BULLYING of Cyclists, let alone unable to HONOUR their Responsibilities to the Community they " Serve & Protect "!